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Investing in the Future of Technology with the Franklin Technology Fund
A mutual fund called Franklin Technology Fund makes investments across the globe in technology companies. Franklin Templeton Investment Funds, a global investment management company with more than 70 years of experience in the field, is in charge of managing the fund. The Franklin Technology Fund had a lengthy history. It was established on April 3, 2000, and as of May 31, 2024, its total net assets had grown to over $10.73 billion.

Investing in technology companies can offer investors access to some of the world’s most inventive and quickly expanding industries. By investing in equity shares of technology companies of any size situated anywhere in the world, Franklin Technology Fund seeks to generate long-term financial appreciation.

globe. Among other risks, the fund is vulnerable to market, equity, foreign exchange, and concentration risks. Before making an investment in the fund, investors should carefully examine these risks.

All things considered, Franklin Technology Fund is a reputable mutual fund that gives investors the chance to make investments in technology firms all around the world. The fund, which has a substantial portfolio and a lengthy history, provides exposure to some of the world’s most inventive and quickly expanding businesses. Before making any investment decisions, however, investors should carefully evaluate the risks involved with participating in the fund.

Synopsis of the Franklin Technology Fund’s Investment Approach

A global equity fund called Franklin Technology Fund specializes on making investments in technology-related businesses. The fund mostly makes equities investments.

securities of international technological enterprises. Historically, these assets have been vulnerable to large, abrupt price changes brought on by market- or company-specific variables. Because of this, the Fund’s performance might vary greatly over very short periods of time. The fund invests in businesses engaged in the creation, application, and improvement of technology with the goal of achieving long-term financial appreciation. The fund makes investments in businesses of various sizes in all areas of the technology sector, including services, software, and hardware.

Performance of Funds

As of May 31, 2024, the Franklin Technology Fund had a total net asset value of $10.73 billion. The share class start date of the fund is 03/04/2000, and it was launched on the same day. The fund has demonstrated consistent performance over the last five years.

a 10-year average return of 25.19% and an average return of 27.62%. The MSCI World Information Technology Index, a market capitalization-weighted index that is adjusted for free float and intended to gauge the performance of the technology sector across developed economies globally, serves as the benchmark for the fund’s performance.

As of May 31, 2024, the fund’s top holdings included businesses including Alphabet Inc., Facebook Inc., Microsoft Corporation, and Apple Inc. The fund invests in a variety of technology-related areas, such as internet services, software, and semiconductors, giving it a diverse portfolio. Finding businesses that are well-positioned to profit from technological trends and breakthroughs like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things is the main goal of the fund’s investing strategy.

All things considered, Franklin Technology Fund provides investors with the chance to invest in a

a portfolio of technology businesses that is diversified and has a solid performance history. The fund’s portfolio is well-diversified across numerous technology industry sectors, and its investing approach is centered on finding businesses that are well-positioned to profit from technological breakthroughs and trends.

Team Management for Fund Management

A group of seasoned experts with in-depth knowledge of the technology industry oversees the Franklin Technology Fund. A portfolio manager with more than ten years of experience at Franklin Templeton leads the team. A group of analysts that have a great deal of expertise evaluating technology businesses and spotting investment opportunities assist the portfolio manager.

Hazard Assessment

A strict risk management procedure is in place at Franklin Templeton to guarantee that the Franklin

The Technology Fund is run with caution and accountability. The goal of the risk management process is to recognize and control risks related to individual security as well as the portfolio. In order to guarantee that the fund is appropriately diversified and that its risk profile aligns with its investment goals, the risk management team collaborates closely with the portfolio manager and the team of analysts.

All things considered, the Franklin Technology Fund’s management staff is qualified to oversee the fund and has a proven track record of providing investors with steady returns. Strong risk management procedures guarantee that the fund is administered responsibly.

Commonly Asked Questions

How has the Franklin Technology Fund performed historically?
Franklin Technology Fund has made available a long track record of providing investors with substantial profits. Since its launch in 2000, the fund has had an average yearly return of 22.54%, according to Morningstar. But past success does not guarantee future achievement.

What is the composition of the portfolio of the Franklin Technology Fund?
The primary asset class of the Franklin Technology Fund is global equity shares of technology businesses. The fund’s top holdings as of May 31, 2024, were Inc., Microsoft Corp., and Apple Inc. The portfolio of the fund is prone to notable fluctuations in value that could transpire abruptly as a result of market or company-specific events.

What is the Franklin Technology Fund’s Net Asset Value (NAV)?
The Franklin Technology Fund’s Net Asset Value (NAV) was USD as of July 3, 2024.

10.74 billion. The NAV is computed by deducting the liabilities of the fund from its assets, then dividing the remaining amount by the total number of shares that are outstanding.

Does the Franklin Technology Fund give its investors dividend payments?
The Franklin Technology Fund does, in fact, pay investors dividends. The performance of the fund and other circumstances, however, may affect the size and timing of these payouts.

What is the Morningstar rating comparison for the Franklin Technology Fund?

Morningstar has rated the Franklin Technology Fund with an overall 5-star rating as of July 3, 2024. The past performance of the fund, risk-adjusted returns, and other considerations are used to get this rating.

What are the Franklin Technology Fund withdrawal procedures?
The Franklin Technology Fund allows investors to take their money out by filing a request made via their financial advisor or brokerage. It’s crucial to remember that withdrawals from the fund could be subject to costs or other limitations. For more information, investors should see the prospectus for the fund or get advice from a financial professional.

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